Inside High School Sports Houston | Katy Taylor vs FB Bush - Week 26…

Katy Taylor vs FB Bush - Week 26 Highlights

"Katy Taylor won their first district title in 25 years, their reward was a first round matchup with Fort Bend Bush

Mustangs start off fast with Troy Harris underneath amongst the trees for 2.

But the Broncos were ready to go this afternoon. LeDonovan Stewart drops it off to 6'9 sophomore Tyler Smith for the lay in and we're tied at 25.

3rd quarter, watch Smith put one up for 3 and rattle it home. The big man has range.

Taylor keeps it close as Blake Wakefield flies in for the rebound and the putback to cut the lead under double digits.

The Broncos would finish them off. That's Kameron Harris from way down town. Fort Bend Bush with the upset, 83-71."