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Katy Paetow vs Kingwood Park - Week 27 Highlights

"Kingwood Park took on Katy Paetow and the Panthers Junior Charles Chukwu (Cho-koo) would have a solid game in the post

Low scoring game, but the baskets made were pretty. Like this Jack Keller floater just out of the reach of Cho-koo's hand. Kingwood Park up 2

For Paetow...they got a chance at a corner 3, but Jayden McCullough likes the high percentage shot instead.....so he dishes to Cho-koo for the big slam

Then, second quarter, Cho-koo works the paint and gets the jump hook to put Paetow up 21-20.

Second half now, there's Keller dribbling around the nice pick and he knocks down the top of the key 3. Black Panthers up 26-23.

Paetow would step up the defense. Khi (Kye) Watkins with the steal and he goes in for the layup to put the Panthers up 32-30.

And I know you want some more Cho-koo....well there he is with another devastating 2 handed dunk to put Paetow up 34-32 late 3rd.

4th quarter, while Paetow was making free throws, Kingwood Park was picking pockets. That's Branden Tynan with the steal and bucket to cut it to 1 with just under 2 to play.

Down 3 down, last chance for Kingwood Park and it's way off the mark. Katy Paetow wins 42-39 to advance to their first ever regional semifinal. They will face the winner of our next game."