Katy Paetow vs Katy - 2022 Week 7 Houston High School Football Highlights

Katy playing their 3rd straight Thursday night game taking on Paetow.

Seth Davis had limited carries last week, but this week he surely made up for it. Look at this speed up the middle for 50 yards and his second touchdown of the night. 14-0 TIgers after 1.

2nd quarter, Caleb Koger doing what he does best which is the play action pass. Panther defense lets Micah Koenig get behind the secondary and that turns out to be a 64 yard touchdown. Katy cruising 21-0.

Still second and more play action from Koger. This one is an easy pitch and catch to Luke Carter and it was 31-0 at the half.

Since it worked so well for Koger in the first half, how about some more play action. This time Koger is aided by a great diving catch by Adam Jackson. That would lead to another score as Katy heads into their bye week with a 54-0 win.