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Katy Paetow vs Flour Bluff - 2021 Week 16 Football Highlights

Paetow Running Back Jacob Brown has 12 touchdowns through the first 4 games of the playoffs and was looking for more against Flour Bluff

Hornets had no idea what they were in for. First quarter they have to punt from just outside their own end zone. Kole Wilson receives it and takes on step to his right before realizing the clearer path is done the sidelines. I think he made the right decision. He cuts back across the middle but is untouched for a 57 yard punt return for 6. 10-0 Panthers

Up 24-0 in the 2nd quarter, Brown rumbles in for his second touchdown of the night. This is a 19 yarder. 31-0 and still plenty of time in the half for more.

After Flour Bluff finally scores, C J Dumas gets those 7 points back with an absolute dime to Wilson for a 54 yard touchdown. 38-7 Paetow

And for a little first half icing. Dumas to Wilson and this time Kole does all the work with a 47 yard touchdown there. Paetow rolls over Flour Bluff 73-14 and will play College Station next Friday for the 5-A Division 1 State Championship. Paetow's first trip to state