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Jersey Village vs Stratford - 2019 Week 10 Football Highlights

Let’s head over to Tully Stadium now, where Jersey Village squares off with Stratford…

Jersey Village gets on the scoreboard first, as Lavar Alexis takes the handoff around the right side and follows his blockers into the end zone, Falcons out to a quick 7-0 lead.

Stratford answers through the air, as Dylan Shoemake tosses into the end zone for Ben Moseley, and Moseley is somehow able to reel that pass in around the defender, what a catch as the Spartans tie it up at 7 apiece.

Jersey Village responds as Caleb Weaver swings it out to Dionel Burrell and Burrell turns on the after burners, he makes a man miss and races 58 yards deep into Spartans territory before he’s finally pushed out of bounds at the 5.

Moments later, Sir Jostyn Givens trots into the end zone, and Jersey Village takes a 14-7 halftime lead.

In the third, Weaver drops back and zips one to Mike Evans, and just like the NFL receiver with the same name, Evans hauls it in for the 17-yard touchdown, Falcons lead 21-7.

Stratford sticking around though, as AJ Abbott finds Moseley over the middle for a 9-yard scoring strike, and the Spartans are back within 7, down 21-14.

Same score and Stratford on the move again, looking for the game-tying score, but this time Abbott is picked off, and Jersey Village hangs on to win it, 21-14 is the final.