Jersey Village at Cy-Fair - 2022 Week 6 Houston High School Football Highlights

Another slugfest out of 17-6A as Cy-Fair took on undefeated Jersey Village.

First quarter, Cy-Fair down 6-0, but Trey Owens underthrows Connor Porter a little bit. That's ok, Porter still catches it and races to the house for a 50 yard score. Bobcats would lead 14-6 after 1.

2nd quarter, Jersey Village quarterback Adam Tran is about to get crushed but gets it to Brandon Phan who loses a shoe, but gains 6 points as the Falcons tie it at 14.

Still 2nd, Zaccheas Baynes doesn't need much space to get loose and he scores on a 35 yard score. Cy-Fair back up 21-14.

Jersey Village's turn. Tran goes across the middle to Arbrie Carter and 3 Bobcat defenders look like they're going to take his head off, but somehow Carter escapes and that's a 70 yard touchdown. Wow... the kid's Houdini. 21-21.

Later in the 2nd, Baynes is on the loose again. It seems like every week we're seeing him maneuver down the field. 43 yard score here and Cy Fair lead 35-28 at the half.

3rd quarter, and we're not done with Baynes yet. Owens gets popped but not before he drops a 36 yard "dime" right into the waiting hands of Baynes. 48-28 Bobcats and they would go on to beat Jersey Village 61-49.