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Humble at C E King hoops - 2020 Week 21 Highlights

"The Panthers of C E King hosting Humble on Wednesday night

2nd quarter, Panther pass is picked off by Rob Williams who starts the break and it ends with Kenny Ingram scoring in the paint tying the game at 23.

King would then start bombing away. Check out Javon Jackson from waaayy behind the arc for the trifecta.

Then Tyshawn Archie gets cozy in the corner for 3 of his game high 25 points. Panthers up 42-27 at the break.

Wildcats fighting back in the second half. Williams with the wild layup while falling down to get the deficit to within double digits.

Panthers step up the defense, Jackson gets the steal and looks his defender in the eye the whole way as he goes in for the layup.

They would finish things off with Jaylon Jackson drops it off for Davonte Curry for the stuff. C E King wins this one 66-58"