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Huffman-Hargrave at Needville - 2020 Week 1 Football Highlights

Huffman-Hargrave on the road against Needville, a battle for air superiority as its Falcons vs. The Blue Jays. This one controlled by the defenses early as Huffman QB Luke Thomas is flushed from the pocket, its a fumble!! Collin Labay falls on it to set up the first score of the game.

The Blue Jay offense looking to cash in with Walker Warnke reading his blockers and getting to the outside, he finishes off this run to get Needville inside the 10 where they would score on the next play.

Trailing 7-0, Thomas would redeem himself, looking for big yardage, he throws a jump ball and senior receiver Isaiah Akin climbs the ladder to bring it down, great catch!

They would score a few plays later, the Needville defense is off side here so its a free play and Thomas throws another jumpball to Gunnar Gates and he comes down with it, a heck of a catch to cut the lead to 7-6.

Second Half Needville Quarterback TREVOR BAKER to Blake Maresh for a 20 yard gain to put the Blue Jays in the red zone

Warnke would take it in from the 1 a couple plays later. Big night for Warnke and the Blue Jays would lead 14-12 going into the fourth.

4th quarter, Falcons in the red zone, watch Thomas hang this one up for Gates again and Gates would not let him down. He pulls it in for what would be the game winning touchdown. Huffman-Hargrave picks up the 20-14 win to move to 2-0 on the season.

Huffman-Hargrave rallies to pick up the win 20-14 to move to 2-0 on the season.