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Houston Yates vs Houston North Forest hoops - 2020 Week 21 Highlights

"And the Lions were slamming and jamming at the Pavilion against the Bulldogs.

First Quarter, thats John Carswell to Chucks Isitua (IS-uh-tua) for the slam!!!!

North Forest gets a deflection in the backcourt & it ends up in the hands of Tyrell Edwards for a softer dunk

Yates with the tenacious defense. Quran (Qu-ran) McKinney the steal to Latrell Moore to Brodrick Brown with the alley oop back to Moore. Lions up 24 after the 1st Q

North Forest had no one who could stop Isitua from dunking. As he feasted on the smaller Bulldogs with slam after slam including this one off the rebound and in traffic. 34 points for the big man as Yates cruises to the 100-71 final."