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Houston Memorial vs Fort Bend Austin - Girls 2022 Basketball Highlights

Houston Memorial, at 27-4, having the best season in school history took on Fort Bend Austin.

They'd have their hands full with the Bulldogs. Andrea Sturdivant open for 3. it's good. 19-15 Austin after 1.

2nd quarter, check out the low post moves by sophomore Niki Polocheck. She helps the Mustangs tie it up at halftime 32 a piece

But Austin is having a heck of a season as well. Check out Sturdivant step back behind the arc for 3 of her 20 points. 47-42 Bulldogs heading into the 4th.

And the player of the game was Gabrielle Johnson. 24 points, 10 boards and 6 blocks as Austin goes to their first ever regional quarterfinal with a 62-48 win.