Houston Lamar vs Houston Westbury - 2022 Week 7 Houston High School Football Highlights

Lamar taking on Westbury in a 18-6A matchup.

First quarter, Lamar's Kelton Weathers with the tough 5 yard run into the end zone to put the Texans up 7-0.

Still first, Kenneth Rosenthal throws the screen to T J Rone and he navigates around some Wildcat defenders to pick up a huge gain to the red zone where Lamar would finally score.

Westbury gets on the board when Ricky Golightly takes the snap....avoids the rush and takes off for the pilon. That's a 12 yard score and it's now only a 14-7 deficit for Westbury.

But, Lamar would score 45 unanswered points to close this one out. Brandon Thomas on the score here. Texans win 59-7.