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Houston Lamar at Houston Bellaire - Week 23 Highlights

"Lamar trying to knock off the state's 9th ranked 6-A team, Bellaire Friday night.

Jaylon Calvin igniting the fast break for the Cardinals to Jacob Cole for the jam

Lamar's Yor Ator (Uh-tore) working the boards and he gets the basket and the foul

Bellaire was led by Eljah Lawrence who gets 2 of his 19 points on this drive through the lane, Cards up 7.

And then Calvin gets in the paint and hits this tough turnaround. He finished with 17 points.

Lamar on the fast break and that's Kenneth Rosenthal avoiding the charge and scoring on the layup

The Texans would send this game to overtime thanks to Robert Gill and this sweet layup and Lamar would pull off the upset, 65-63."