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Houston Bellaire vs Houston Westbury hoops - 2020 Week 21 Highlights

"Delmar Fieldhouse was the backdrop for 9th ranked Bellaire and Westbury going at it.

Huskies not intimidated by the ranking. Ricky Golightly with the steal and Golightly actually “goes hard” to the hoop. Westbury up 7 after 1.

Second quarter, Trevon Clay from waaaay down town. Swish. Huskies are rolling.

Here comes Bellaire though, Jacob (Ju-Kolb) Cole uses all the rim for 3 of his 24 points. Cards up 3 at the half.

Second half, Elijah Lawrence with the pull up triple for 3 of his 19 points. Bellaire maintains the 3 point lead going into 4th.

Then they run away, Jaylon Calvin with the steal to Cole over to Lawrence. Bellaire wins another one 53-44.