Hailey Bass Has a Different Kind of Work Ethic for La Grange High School Track

Hailey Bass is up and at ‘em early in the morning. She has to be if she wants to be the success that not only she desires, but the small community of La Grange expects.

Hailey runs the 400 and anchors the 4 by 400 relay. She is a 2 time state qualifier and the only reason that’s not 3-times is because Covid canceled her sophomore year. Hailey’s drive her senior season is to change the phrase state qualifier to state champion. Her school day, including practice, usually ends around 2pm, but in no way is she done working.

That’s right, after school, Hailey, a 16 year old, goes to work at her own business selling soap that she’s made from goat milk.

So, after a full day of track, school, and heading up her own business, she finally gets some time to rest and relax, right? Wrong! Then Hailey is off to one of her two other jobs. Sometimes both of them. Hailey works for her Mom’s cleaning service AND helps cook at her mom’s Bar and Restaurant.

Having so much on her plate has worked in Hailey’s favor. She has learned to develop skills that she can use in both track and at work.

Hailey never lets her long days get her stressed. She has a plan and is sticking to it. And she still has time to enjoy the social aspect of school, too, as she was Homecoming Queen this year. As a matter of fact, the only pressure she really feels is during a race.