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Chevy Spotlight: Madison Kelly Thrives as a Freshman at Tarkington High School

Madison Kelly is an athletic phenom at Tarkington High School. She excels at everything she puts her mind to whether it be cheer


….or dance

Madison is giving it her all and succeeding. And she does it all with a smile

Madison is on the Longhorns varsity team for cheer and volleyball and if I haven’t mentioned it yet….she’s just a freshman.

Though you’ll almost never see her without a smile, it doesn’t mean she hasn’t seen heartache. In the 8th grade, she lost her father to cancer. Heading into high school, that’s a kind of loss that would derail many teens. But not Madison. She held onto his memory and pressed on.

Madison is impressive off the court. Besides good grades, she’s a member of Tarkington’s Beta Club and student council. Her main love right now besides making people smile is volleyball, but she admits cheerleading has helped her on the volleyball court.