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Goose Creek Memorial vs Crosby - Week 27 Highlights

"Crosby's super junior, P J Haggerty, scored 30 in their upset of they had Goose Creek Memorial in a wild one.

First quarter, Cougars Jaylen Herman was red hot. He scored 14 in the stanza including this drive to the layup to start the game.

For the Patriots, Sam Bradford would drive and dish to Malik Mustafa behind the arc....splash. It was back and forth early on.

Then Haggerty would poke it free from Bradford to start the break. Herman went back to Haggerty for the driving layup.

Bradford wasn't done. Here he does a little one on one and gets by Haggerty for the layup. He finished with 23 points.

Then, off the miss, Bradford feeds Avant (Uh-vaunt) Coleman who goes the distance. This one would go overtime and Goose Creek Memorial wins it 79-76"