Fulshear at Magnolia - 2022 Week 3 Houston High School Football Highlights

Fulshear Quarterback Parker Williams has been lighting up the sky for the Chargers. They took on Magnolia Friday night.

This one was a wild one. First quarter, watch Williams work out of trouble and rolls to his right....finally tossing it to Davion Godley for the 12 yard score. Fulshear up 22-7.

Magnolia wasn't about to lie down. Montana Wells almost gets his arm smacked but he gets off the throw and watch the diving touchdown grab by Dustin Lindvall. Wow....Bulldogs still trailed 36-21.

You want more offense? You got it. Williams rolls to his left, plants his feet and launches one 42 yards to Jax Medica (Muh-dica) and Fulshear looks to have this one up 50-28.

But..here...comes...the Bulldogs. 4th quarter, Wells to Gaige Sanders. That's a 8 yard strike to the back of the end zone to cut it to 7 at 50-43.

Then with 6:25 left, the Wells to Sanders connection works again. This time it's a screen and Sanders breaks out of several ankle tackles to score the tying touchdown. 50-50 and the Magnolia fans are getting a workout.

But late 4th, Fulshear drive to the red zone and Joey Mahoney kicks the game winning field goal. Fulshear wins it 53-50 in an absolute classic