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Fort Bend Marshall vs. Eisenhower - 2019 Week 1 Football Highlights

Fort Bend Marshall played for a state title last season, the buffs fired up to begin the 2019 campaign at Eisenhower.

Early problems for Ike on special teams, the punter can’t handle the snap and here comes Christian Jackson flying into your screen to fall on the loose ball for a buffaloes touchdown, Marshall leads 6-0.

Still in the first, Marshall quarterback Malik Hornsby airing it deep, and what a perfectly thrown ball, he hits Devon Achane in stride and Achane tip-toes down the sideline for a 63-yard score, it’s 13-0 buffaloes.

In the 2nd, Hornsby keeping it on the read option, he gets into the open field and he has a convoy of blockers with him leading him down the sideline, he trots into the end zone for a 69 yard score, Marshall leads 20-0 at intermission.

In the third, Hornsby swings it out to Achane, and the Achane train is leaving the station! He’s off to the races and you aren’t going catch Achane from behind. The buffs offense looks like it’s in midseason form, 84 yards for the touchdown and it’s 26-0.

Finally, it’s Hornsby lofting one up top for Lawrence Armstrong, nice touch on the deep ball for a 26 yard touchdown and fort bend Marshall rolls past Eisenhower, 32-9 is the final.