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Fort Bend Elkins vs Fort Bend Clements hoops - 2020 Week 20 Highlights

"Fort Bend Elkins ranked 4 in 6-A taking on Clements in a Monday night affair

2nd quarter, good ball movement by the Knights and Josh Fanuiel (Fan-u-l) scores in the paint while being hacked in the act.

Still 2nd, watch this nice pass from Clements Bryce Mathews to Abdullah Olajuwon for the layup, but the Mustangs still trailed 24-15 at the half.

3rd quarter, Elkins Chris Johnson is alone behind the arc…..he knocks that down. Knights up 35-18.

4th quarter, Elkins started taking the ball to the basket strong. This is Jakolby Harris splitting the double team and making the sweet scoop layup.

Then Johnson on the steal and watch him go behind the back and lay it in. That’s nice. 19 points for Johnson as Elkins wins 51-44."