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Fort Bend Bush Fine Arts Department - Chevy Spotlight

You’d be hard pressed to find a better Fine Arts Department than the one at George Bush High School.

Every year, each faction of the Fine Arts Department would put on their own Christmas showcase. However, this year was different. First year Band director Doctor John Wilkerson decided he wanted something bigger. Something extraordinary. So this past Monday, in the courtyard outside the school, Fort Bend Bush put on the first annual Fine Arts Holiday Extravaganza.

The Fine Arts Department has always been a place of inclusion, so this Extravaganza was just a by-product of that. The band, orchestra, color guard, dance team and even theater students each had a part in the big night.

It involved 6 to 8 weeks or preparation, but when it was done, it was well worth it. Parents and friends who have been inside for months thanks to the pandemic, got to come out and see an amazing showcase.