El Campo vs Gonzales - 2020 Week 1 Football Highlights

9th ranked El Campo on the road at Gonzalez to open the season and they would get things started off right, on the kickoff they're going to muff the return but keep an eye on #8, Charles Shorter...He alertly picks it up and how often do you see it? a fumble on the return often times throws off the rhythm of the coverage team and Shorter finds a seam - nobody's going to catch him, that's how you start off a season, he takes this one back 92 yards and the Ricebirds are up 7-0 before the fans have even had a chance to settle in.

Still in the first quarter, Senior Quarterback Cullen Braden calls his own number and finds plenty of room around the left end. It's another footrace to the endzone, will they catch him? No! He covers 82 yards on this one, and El Campo dominating from start to finish shuts out Gonzalez in impressive fashion, 35-0 is your final.