Inside High School Sports Houston | East Bernard vs Ganado - 2019…

East Bernard vs Ganado - 2019 Texas High School Football Playoffs - Regional Finals Highlights

East Bernard and Ganado(GUH-nay-doe) meet in a Class 3A Division Two Regional Final…

Early problems in the kicking game for Ganado, the snap on the punt goes through the end zone for an East Bernard safety.

Then the East Bernard offense goes to work. Tanner Baggett gets the carry, he gets to the edge and turns it upfield and kicks on the afterburners, Baggett takes it the distance, 55 yards for the score and the Brahmas(BRAY-muhs) race out to a quick 9-0 lead.

Still in the first, Devin Chapman gets the inside handoff, and he has a big hole up the middle, Chapman sprints 30 yards for the touchdown and East Bernard making an early statement, up 16-zip.

In the 2nd, Chapman takes the pitch, bounces it outside, and then check out the cut back move and he wiggles his way across the goalline for his 2nd touchdown of the half, Brahmas lead 23-3.

Later, East Bernard punting from its own end zone, and Ganado comes up with a big play, as the Indians block the punt and Luke Prove recovers it to set up Ganado with great field position.

Ethan Guerra punches it in for a Ganado touchdown from there and that makes it a 23-10 ballgame.

The Brahmas answer right back, Kameron Matthews takes the handoff, cuts it upfield, and makes a couple of defenders miss. He’s off to the races, look at him go, Matthews takes it to the house, 70 yards for the touchdown and East Bernard leads 30-10 at halftime.

East Bernard’s defense takes over in the 2nd half. Kyle Bures-Guerrero(Burr-ez) jumps the route and picks off the pass for the Brahmas. And East Bernard is semifinal bound with a 30-10 win over Ganado. The Brahmas will meet Omaha Pewitt in the state semis.