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Baytown Lee vs Barbers Hill - 2019 Week 7 Football Highlights

4-1 Baytown Lee visiting 4-1 Barbers Hill in another Class 5A showdown…

Baytown Lee back to punt in the 1st, but here come the Eagles to block the punt, Rex Thompson scoops it up for Barbers Hill and that’s a special teams touchdown, Barbers Hill up 7-0.

Then it’s the Eagles offense on the move, Christian Kaopua(Kuh-poo-uh) on the keeper and he scoots in for a 5 yard score, it’s 14-0 Barbers Hill.

Still in the first, Kaopua with the quick snap and he goes right up the middle, 12 yard touchdown, Eagles lead 21-0 after one.

More Barbers Hill in the 2nd, Kaopua rolls left and fires deep for Jalen Eugene, perfect deep ball and Eugene coasts into the end zone, it’s a 66 yard touchdown, Eagles lead 28-0.

Meanwhile the Barbers Hill special teams continue to wreak havoc. Josh King-Bradley blocks the punt and that sets up the Eagles with great field position late in the half.

Kaopua looking deep for another score before halftime, but check out the interception by Baytown Lee’s Trudell Berry. That keeps it 28-0 heading to intermission.

But the Eagles defense is up to the task all night long, with the Ganders driving, Ramsey Humphrey gets there for the sack, and Barbers Hill shuts out Baytown Lee, 28-0 is the final.