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Dekaney VS Aldine Davis - 2019 Week 8 Football Highlights

Let’s head over to Thorne Stadium now as Aldine Davis welcomes Dekaney…

Dekaney gets on the scoreboard first, as Jacquez Shaw powers his way into the end zone from 4 yards out, Wildcats lead 7-0 after one.

It’s 14-0 in the 2nd, when Daelyn(Day-lin) Williams connects with Ronnie Thomas on the slant over the middle, and Thomas makes a move and he’s gone. 34 yards for the touchdown, Dekaney leads 21-0.

Davis responds on the ground. Kenneth Walker takes the handoff and has a huge hole up the middle. Walker runs 44 yards for the Falcons touchdown, it’s 21-6.

More Walker, he bounces it outside, has a crease, and gets into the open field. Just one man to beat and he cuts it back to the middle of the field, he goes 71 yards for the Davis touchdown and the Falcons are within 7 at halftime.

It’s tied at 21 in the third, when Dekaney’s offense gets back on track.

Williams tosses to Sam Guar on the screen, and Guar takes care of the rest, he goes 31 yards for the score, Dekaney up 28-21.

Then check out Randy Adams on the jet sweep. He runs parallel to the line of scrimmage and gets to the edge and turns it upfield, almost a 90-degree turn, and he turns on the afterburners. He sprints 50 yards for the touchdown and it’s 35-21 Dekaney after three.

The Wildcats keep it rolling in the fourth, Williams finds Ladavion Davis in the end zone for a 17 yard score. Williams throws six touchdown passes as Dekaney pulls away from Aldine Davis, 58-28 is the final.