Deer Park at Pasadena Dobie - 2022 Week 5 Houston High School Football Highlights

22-6A action Thursday night as Deer Park visited Pasadena Dobie

First quarter, The Deer run the play action and Reed Mallet hits Drew Canoe for the 10 yard touchdown. 7-0 Deer Park.

2nd quarter, this time Mallet hands it off to Erasmo Canales (Cuh-nal-es), but Erasmo isn't running...he's throwing. Halfback option to Clayton McBride to put the Deer up 21-7.

Down 28-14, Longhorns cut it to a one score game when Jalen Baldwin takes the pitch and works his way to the sidelines and then it's a foot race. 80 yards to the house cutting the Deer lead to 28-21 at the half.

But in the 3rd, Mallett pushes his way into the end zone behind his huge offensive line. That's a 11 yard td. Deer Park goes to 5-0 with a 35-21 win