Inside High School Sports Houston | Cy Woods vs Klein Oak - Week 26…

Cy Woods vs Klein Oak - Week 26 Highlights

"Cy Woods taking on Klein Oak in a first round matchup.

the Wildcats came out fast breaking. What a beautiful drop off from Pierce Mathews to Charles Haubein (How-bean) for the layup.

For Klein Oak, here comes Jay Hudson with the high degree of difficulty on this layup. He finished with 17 points.

Cy Woods Dylan Cormier would slow down and then speed up for the nice lay up here as the Wildcats led 30-22 at the break.

Damien Watson would join the Difficult Layup Club with this basket in the 3rd quarter.

Cy Woods would pull away as Trevor Passmore drills a 3 from the top of the key. 14 for Passmore and Cy Woods wins it 69-43 to advance."