Cy Woods at Cy-Fair - 2022 Week 3 Houston High School Football Highlights

Cy Fair was in a non district tussle with undefeated Cy Woods Thursday night.

Second quarter, here come the big plays, Bobcats up 7-0, Zaccheas (zach-cay-us) Baynes takes the deep pitch and just needs to find the sidelines....FOUND IT!!!! He's gone. That's a 68 yard score to put Cy Fair up 14-0.

Ensuing kickoff, the Wildcats Kyler Singletary bobbles the kick, but watch it bounce forward, giving Singletary a little momentum to kick it and that would be all he needed as he would take it Ninety Five Yards to the House. Just the break Cy Woods would need to stay in this one right?

WRONG.... next possession, Trey Owens throws up a jump ball to the sidelines, Owen Carter comes down with it...his defender falls....that's an easy 85 yard touchdown. Cy-Fair coasted from there as they win it 34-13.