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Cy Ranch at Cy Fair - 2020 Week 5 Highlights

Former Cy Fair quarterback and current new Head Coach, Jeff Miller, leading his Bobcats against Cy Ranch Friday night

How about this to start off a season, On the very first offensive play CARTER CRAVENS uses the play action to hook up with DEQUAN GREEN for a 58 yard touchdown and a 6-0 Bobcat lead.

Second quarter, Mustang quarterback D J Ciers (Sears) steps up in the pocket and launches a jump ball to Edwin Smith who comes down with it at the 6. Cy Ranch would score a couple plays later to take a 10-6 halftime lead.

We move to the 4th quarter, same score and just over 5 minutes left. Cravens trying to make a play, but Jonavan Dennis crushes him on the sack causing a huge loss and the Bobcats have to punt.

However, same issues for the Mustangs, as Ciers tries to find a receiver, but Lamond Henry sacks him and Cy Ranch has to punt.

Cy Fair's stud running back, L.J. Johnson had been cramping all night, but he's a trooper and fought through the pain to score the game winning touchdown from the 4 with a minute to play. Cy Fair pulls out a hard fought 13-10 win