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Cy Falls vs Memorial - 2019 Week 5 Texas High School Football Highlights

Let’s head over to Tully stadium now, where Memorial welcomes 4-0 Cy Falls.

Cy Falls gets on the scoreboard first, quarterback Brandon Collins keeps it on the read option, and watch as he weaves his way through traffic and then leaves his feet to dive for the pylon, 37-yards on the touchdown run, it’s 7-0 Eagles.

It’s 10-0 Cy Falls late in the 2nd, but Memorial’s defense comes up with a stand, as Dillon Glenn picks off the deflected pass and returns out near the 30-yard line. That keeps it 10-nothing Cy falls heading to intermission.

Opening kickoff of the second half, Memorial on the return, but Cy Falls’ Ethan Spear delivers the huge hit to knock the ball out and the Eagles recover the fumble deep in Mustangs territory. That leads to a field goal to make it 13-0.

Memorial answers on the ground. Carson Zahn takes the handoff, makes a man miss, and he’s off to the races. It’s a 50-yard touchdown run and Memorial is right back in it, down 13-6.

Cy Falls responds with a nice play-action pass. Caleb Pollard rolls right and connects with Jayden Goodwin, Goodwin takes it in for six, and Cy Falls leads 20-6.

Same score, with Pollard looking to pass again, but this time Kane Tullos jumps the route for the interception and he’s headed the other way, 32 yards for the pick six, and memorial is back within seven at 20-13.

But there’s nobody scores in the 4th quarter and Cy Falls runs out the clock to improve to 5-0 with a 20-13 win over Memorial.