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Cy Creek at Stratford - Week 24 Highlights

"Cy Creek, undefeated in district play, taking on 3rd place Stratford Tuesday

2nd quarter, Caden Francis with the steal for Stratford and the nice pass to Hawkins Polley for the dunk.

But the Cougars would lead by 5 at the half when Damien Richards launches this one from waaay down town….swish.

3rd quarter, this lazy pass is picked off by Jaylen Wysinger and he flushes it one handed to give Cy Creek some momentum

Late 3rd, Stratford’s Donovan Banks with the 360 spin in the lane for the bucket. Spartans up 1 after 3.

4th quarter, here comes the Coogs. Thurston Ashford to Jaylen Salsman for the layup.

And then it was the Damien Richards Show. Just firing up 3’s from long distance and with pinpoint accuracy. Cy Creek goes to 11-0 in district play with the 68-60 win."