Crosby vs Liberty Hill - 2021 Week 16 Football Highlights

Crosby looking to go to back to back state title games, but they had a tough opponent in Liberty Hill

The Panthers run a Slot T offense, which is difficult to defend. Joe Pritchford takes the pitch and goes 20 yards right side for the score. Liberty Hill would jump on Crosby early and often and lead 28-0 in the 3rd.

No give up with the Cougars. Cyrin (turns out its pronounced Ky-run) Myles hands it to Kameron Kirkwood for a 10 yard score to get Crosby on the board.

They would get it right back and this time Myles throws a quick pass to Kirkwood and Kameron would break a tackle and go 44 yards for a touchdown. 28-14 now and The Cougar fans are ready for a comeback.

But they couldn't stop the Panther rushing attack. Adon (Aiden) Thomas with a 3 yard touchdown run and Crosby's season ends with a 42-14 loss in the state semifinals