Crosby at George Ranch - 2020 Week 5 Highlights

George Ranch fans excited to get their season started against Crosby Thursday night.
Crosby strikes 1st. QB Reggie Branch lets Jalen Herman go up & wrestle this one down at the 5. That's a 38 yd touchdown! 7-0

George Ranch QB Sam Miller tosses up a floater into the endzone for Javon Gipson. Nice catch for the 11 yd touchdown! Longhorns up 14-10 at the half

3rd Q... Watch Crosby's Branch looks to be sacked, but he pulls the Houdini move and then throws on the run to Cyrin (Siren) Myles. That's a 32 yard touchdown and the Cougars lead 17-14.

4th quarter, 10 minutes left and down 24-21, Braden Womack now in at quarterback for the Longhorns and he throws a beautiful pass to Donovan Dixon in the back of the end zone. George Ranch takes the lead and goes on to the 31-24 win.