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College Park vs The Woodlands - 2019 Week 4 Football Highlights

Let’s head up to Woodforest Bank stadium now, where crosstown rivals The Woodlands and College Park meet, with the Cavaliers looking for their first win over The Woodlands since 2007.

But the Highlanders take control of this one from the opening kickoff. Peyton Janecek field the kick for the woodlands, he patiently waits for a hole to open, then he bursts through it and heads to the sideline. He cuts back and returns it all the way down to the 21 yard line, big play to start the game for the woodlands.

Moments later, Malik Johnson takes the shovel pass, finds a crease and turns upfield, he takes it 11 yards for the Highlanders touchdown, and it’s 7-0 just like that.

It’s 10-0 in the 2nd, Ben Mills swings it out to Johnson, and Johnson slips free of a tackle, keeps his balance, and he goes 25 yards for the score, Highlanders lead 17-0 at halftime.

College park pulling out all the stops to get back into it. How about a fake punt, Cade Robson rumbles forward to move the chains for a Cavaliers first down into Highlanders territory.

But the Highlanders buckle down on defense. Cannon Starkey looks like he’s shot out of a cannon as he gets into the Cavs backfield for the big tackle.

And then the Highlanders bring some pressure, Caleb Fox rips through the line and gets the sack for the woodlands and college park has to punt.

More defense from the woodlands. Cavs QB Camden farmer rolls out to his right to pass, but diving in for the interception is carter Doucet, and that sets up the Highlanders offense with great field position.

The offense cashes it into points, and how about this trick play! Cody sims takes the handoff, and he’s going to pass it back to Janecek, Janecek dives for the pylon. It’s a 21-yard touchdown, Highlanders in control up 24-0.