Inside High School Sports Houston | Clear Falls vs Dickinson - 2019…

Clear Falls vs Dickinson - 2019 Week 7 Football Highlights

4-1 Clear Falls hits the road to visit 5-1 Dickinson…

Dickinson already up 14-0 in the first, when Reggie Sanders takes the handoff on the jet sweep, his knee might have been down, but we’ll call it a 5-yard touchdown run, Gators up 21-zip.

Clear Falls trying to get back to into the game, Cody Walker delivers the big hit to force the fumble and Ayann Tiam(Eye-on Tee-am) scoops up the loose ball and returns it deep into Gators territory to set up the Knights on offense.

But Clear Falls can’t cash in, as Savien Arnett goes up and pulls down the interception at the goalline, big play for the Gators to get momentum back.

In the 2nd, Dickinson Quarterback Mike Welch calls his own number and goes right up the gut, 15 yards for the score, Gators lead 28-0.

More Gators, Welch with the playfake, and he fires deep downfield for a wide open Donovan Green, and Green has nothing but green turf in front of him. It’s a 73-yard touchdown pass and the rout is on for Dickinson.

Still in the second, Sanders gets the carry and scampers 10 yards for the touchdown, and Dickinson rolls past Clear Falls, 63-0 is the final.