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Chevy Spotlight - The Woodlands Volleyball

Opponents of the Woodlands volleyball team has been used to hearing this proclamation for years now

“Nats….Point, Highlanders”

They won back to back state titles in 2013 and ‘14 and have been a dominant program ever since. This year, the Highlanders are blessed with 5 division 1 seniors who have led them to a 20-3 record and a 13-6A district championship. As the post season is underway, The Woodlands are looking to make a strong run to state.

Of the 5 D-1 seniors who signed their letters of intent a week ago, Setter Clara Brower has been the calm, consistent leader of the Highlanders. Brower signed with Georgia and was named to the Under Armour All American team. Recently she blew past the Highlanders all time assist mark which was at 3,596. Clara is at just over 4,000 assists and counting.

However, the Highlanders success hasn’t come without adversity. This past summer, Julieta (Who-lee-eta) Valdes, who was first team All district as a freshman, suffered sudden cardiac arrest. She was unconscious for 20 minutes until paramedics brought her back using C-P-R. Who-lee-eta, has recovered and is doing rehab to be able to play next year, but the trauma of her ordeal affected the team immensely.

The Woodlands are now only 5 wins away from the state tournament, but just getting there has never been enough for this program.