Chevy Spotlight - Brazoswood Band

The Brazoswood Buc Band has had an interesting 8 months to say the least. In February, they took a magical trip to Orlando where they spent 4 days at Disney World. During that trip they attended various workshops where they learned how film soundtracks were made and got to produce one of their own. It was an amazing experience that got the band members excited for the future.

Then, 3 weeks later, it was all over. The corona virus ended the band season and forced them to only meet virtually for the next 6 months. It wasn’t nearly the same. Not only did they miss the camaraderie of the band, but they began to forget why they were in the band in the first place…..the music.

The Buccaneers football team are 3 games in, but fans of the band were yet to see a full halftime show. Until this past Wednesday. The Bucs Band took the field at halftime of their game with Pasadena Memorial and gave their first live performance in 8 months. The anticipation of being able to perform in front of a live audience had the band raring to go.