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Chevy Spotlight - Bellville Football

The Bray-mas are red hot this year. Whether it’s junior running back Richard Reese, averaging 300 yards per game on the ground, or dynamic playmaker Robert Briggs putting on a show, Bellville is making some serious noise in class 4-A

Coach Grady Rowe may like where his team is now, but it’s been a painful journey to get there. Just 2 months ago… night before practices started to be precise, the Bray-mas lost the heart and soul of their team, 3 year letterman Zach Head, in a fatal one car accident.

As the Bray-mas arrived at their first practice full of optimism, they were met with the tragic news. Trying to cope with what seemed like an awful dream, the guys turned to each other to pull through.

Zach was the type of player, the type of friend, that kids gravitated to. The backbone of a strong unit. Bellville has decided to play this season for Zach. His locker remains empty with his name plate still inside. Each Bray-ma helmet has Zach’s number...the number 3, on the side and his jersey is carried out through the tunnel before every game. His family were honorary captains at a recent home game. Zach “was” Bellville football and the team and community will not let his memory fade away.

During the course of the year, Zach’s football number 3 and soccer number 13 have shown up in unique ways for Bellville. The Bray-mas won their first game by 3….their second, by 13….and they took down Stafford by 3 touchdowns. The players take it as a sign. A sign that Zach will always be with them