Inside High School Sports Houston | Bridgeland vs Cy Lakes - 2019…

Bridgeland vs Cy Lakes - 2019 Week 10 Football Highlights

Big playoff implications at stake as Cy Lakes squares off with Bridgeland Thursday night…

Bridgeland sets the early tone, Conner Weigman has a lane on the quarterback draw, he cuts to the sideline and he’s off to the races, 63 yards for the quick touchdown, Bears lead 7-0.

It’s 14-7 in the 2nd, when Mason Culton gets the handoff and he has a big hole to run through as well. Culton goes right up the middle for a 50 yard score, Bears up 21-7.

After the Bears recover an onside kick, it’s Weigman again on the keeper, watch him muscle his way through the defense for a 13-yard touchdown, Bridgeland leads 28-7.

Cy Lakes responds through the air, Sofian Massoud(SO-fee-on MUH-sood) fires downfield for Khaliq Abdul-Mateen, what a job by Abdul-Mateen to climb the ladder and pull that one down for a 23-yard score, Spartans trail 35-21 at halftime.

In the third, Kyree Anderson gets the handoff and he has plenty of room to run, he gets into the open field, and he’s gone. Anderson sprints 70 yards for a Cy Lakes touchdown and the Spartans are back within 7.

But Cy Lakes can’t slow down the Bridgeland offense. Weigman hits Finn Nicholson in stride on the crossing pattern, and Nicholson takes it the distance. It’s a 52-yard scoring strike, as Weigman throws 3 touchdowns and rushes for two more, and Bridgeland wraps up the young program’s first-ever playoff berth with a 56-41 win over Cy Lakes.