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Bridgeland at Shadow Creek - 2020 Week 6 Highlights

Shadow Creek looking to bounce back after last weeks season opening loss to North Shore.

The Sharks playing without Kyron Drones at quarterback but the backup ain't bad - this is Duke Butler dropping a dime into the waiting hands of Greg Hancock - great concentration as he hauls it in and tightropes his way down the sideline and Shadow Creek takes a 7-0 lead.

3rd quarter, and the Bears up 13-7, Connor Weigman (Wig-man) throws a short pass to Hunter Wallis, but Wallis is a fast, fast man. That short pass turns into a 55 yard touchdown and a 20-7 lead.

4th quarter, Sharks only down 6, and Butler finds C J Guidry in the back of the end zone for 24 yards and now Shadow Creek leads 21-20 with 9 minutes left.

However, with a little under 7 to play, Wigman connects with Andrew Maleski ( Ma-less-key) who is all by his lonesome for the 8 yard score. That would do it. Bridgeland wins it 27-21.