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Westbury Christian Wildcats Have Decades of Tradition That Helped Them Win 21 TAPP Championships

The storied success of the Westbury Christian boys basketball is constantly on display in the Wildcats’ gym. 21 TAPPs State Championships in the last three decades sets an extremely high standard for the current group of Wildcats to attain.

Christopher Felix, JR G: We wanna be like that, all of them up there, state championships, state finalists, we just wanna be like them

Ja’Vier Francis, JR F : As you can see up there, they have a winning mentality, they’re used to winning…: It motivates us bc we feel like we have something to live up to

Michael Ware, JR G: We have to uphold a legacy that is a lot of state championships, so we want to do the same thing and add another one to that banner

Tyler Guidry is a part of that championship legacy at Westbury Christian. He was a junior on the Wildcats title team in 2010, and now he’s back at his alma mater, in his 2nd season as the Wildcats’ head coach.

Guidry: Westbury is a unique place, a lot like nowhere else, and it was just one of those places that once you leave, you somehow gravitate and find your way back to it

We have a chance to be a part of the culture that was instrumental in building me as a young man, and now to be back here and able to pour into these young men, it’s an awesome opportunity that I’m really excited about Guidry’s success as a player at Westbury Christian commands the respect of the players who look to follow in his footsteps.

Christopher Felix, JR G : He knows what it takes to get the job done, so every day he’s instilling his ideas into us, so we can be just like him or even better

Kehlin Farook, SR G: He knows how to win, he instills in us defense, defense, and that’s how we’re going to get our state championship

He’s a very tough coach, and I like that, he doesn’t want any mistakes, and if it’s not perfect, we’re gonna be on that line running

The Wildcats begin this season ranked #1 in the state in TAPPS Class 5A, and they’re excited about the opportunity to live up to that preseason billing.

Christopher Felix, JR G : Bigggg target on your back for that, but it means the world to us, every day when we go to practice we think about it, a lot of teams want to be in that spot, so we have to continuously prove why we’re #1

Michael Ware, JR G : We want to try to win a state chp, of course that’s the ultimate goal, where we are now, we’re pretty good, but we have to improve and get better, and we have the length and athleticism to do that

The ceiling is extremely high for this team, we have some very talented young men that work really hard and they believe in hard work, and so the sky’s the limit for this group to be one of the special groups in Westbury history