Wheatley Wildcats vs Madison Marlins - 2015/16 Boys Basketball - 12/18/15

Madison & Wheatley at the Pavillion Pick it up early in the 1st Q… Long outlet for Wheatley for Daryl Edmondson to Derrick Jones underneath for 2 Marlins come back with a long Jeremiah Gambrell 3. They’re up 3 after the 1st Q. 2nd Q… Marlins steal the inbounds. It ends up in Gambrell’s hands for 2 of his game high 23 pts. Marlins up 1 at the half 3rd Q… Flynnoy Campbell for Wheatley with the baby hook But Gambrell was hot from outside. He knocks down back to back deep three pointers. Marlins with a 7 point lead going to the 4th But the Wildcats come back. Derrick Jones with the fastbreak bucket And then late in the 4th…. Check out the long 3 from Edmondson. Wildcats take it. 86-80 Wheatley