Inside High School Sports Houston | Westfield vs North Shore - 2019…

Westfield vs North Shore - 2019 Week 3 Football Highlights

Another great non-district matchup in galena park, as north shore hosts Westfield…

1st quarter, Westfield up 7-zip, but north shore looking to answer. Demetrius Davis drops back to pass, but he sees an opening and takes off. He splits two defenders and he’s gone. 42 yards for the north shore touchdown to even things up at 7 apiece.

Westfield answers with the screen pass to Jadon Tucker. He uses the blocks, makes a nice move, and then turns on the jets. 52 yards to the house, and Westfield leads 14-7 at halftime.

It’s 14-13 in the fourth when things get crazy. North Shore punting but there’s nick brown flying in to block the punt. That sets up Westfield with great field position.

Moments later, Jaden Perkins bobbles the direct snap, but he scoops it up and runs it in for the touchdown. Westfield leads 21-13.

Two and a half minutes to play, Davis fires over the middle and connects with his target John Gentry, he slips free of a tackle and takes it the distance. 51 yard scoring strike and North Shore needs a two-point conversion to tie it up.

Davis rolls left and hits Charles King in the end zone to tie it up at 21.

North Shore gets the ball back and John Villalobos has a 34-yard field goal for the win, it’s good, what a finish, north shore squeaks past Westfield, 24-21 is the final.