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Tomball Memorial at Klein Collins - 2020 Week 13 Highlights

Fantastic game Thursday night as undefeated Tomball Memorial met Klein Collins

It's been well documented how much the Wildcats like to light up the scoreboard and they got right to it. Colton Marwill 74 yards to Washington St commit Joseph Manjack...6-0 early.

2nd quarter, Tigers take the lead. Colby Powers, back from injury, to Ethan Wyatt who makes a sensational catch while reaching back over the defender. 14-13 Collins.

We pick this up in the 3rd quarter and the Tigers extend their lead when Jonathan Lewis, who had an outstanding game, breaks this 55 yards for the score. 35-20 Collins.

Up 8 late 4th, Collins looking to add 3 more on this field goal, but where did the ball go?....oh wait, it was blocked....and that's Jad Oestrike (Oh-strike-ee) taking it back for a touchdown and with the two point conversion, we're heading to overtime tied at 42.

Wildcats go first in OT and Marwill throws a 24 yard strike to Chase Lovick(love-ick) and Tomball Memorial takes the 49-42 lead.

Klein Collins turn and Lewis goes misdirection with an 18 yard score. Coach Adrian Mitchell rolling the dice with the 2 point conversion and the win.

But Powers is stuffed a yard short of the end zone by Josh Ruiz and Tomball Memorial wins a thriller 49-48.