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Tomball Cheerleading is Back On Top

Tomball Cheer was a powerhouse throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s. But around 2009, they dropped off. They didn't compete and only had about 10 cheerleaders on each team. In walks Steven Weibal in 2018 and the change became evident. Backed by 3 national championships as a cheerleader at Sam Houston State, Weibal was determined to make this team a winner again. And last year…..he succeeded

In just 3 years at the helm, Weibal’s bunch finished top 3 overall in the state and won a state championship in Crowd Leading. A remarkable achievement in such a short time.

Since Weibal became head cheer coach, the cheerleaders have gone from just 10 members on the competitive team to 26 this year. The girls all say they were a bit nervous at first, but now believe in their coach and themselves.

It’s not easy mastering a State caliber performance. There is a lot of time and focus involved by each and every member of the squad.

The Cougars believe they have what it takes to make a run at another state title and even have a shot at nationals. It’s a belief in themselves that puts an endless smile on Coach Weibel’s face.