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Summer Creek vs Atascocita - Game of the Week

"Summer Creek lost the previous 2 meetings this year, but this one was for a trip to state

First quarter, Bulldogs Jaleen Goodman with the sweet step back 3.

End of the quarter, Justin Collins inbounds to Tom Hart who makes the acrobatic layup at the buzzer. We're tied after 1.

Collins then pokes it away and leads Cameron Morrison who goes in for the score.

Jalen Johnson would then hit one from downtown. Bulldogs and Eagles tied at 25 at the half

3rd quarter, Hart lulling his defender to sleep with the sweet handles and then hits this double pump shot at the free throw line.

Then, as the 3rd quarter is coming to an end, Johnson beats the buzzer with a 3 ball, to tie it at 40.

Let's pick it up late 4th, down 1, Bulldogs Amaree Abram drives the lane and scores. Summer Creek up 51-50 with 10 seconds left

Then, Collins to Hart and Hart gets in the lane for the layup with 4 seconds left. Atascocita up 1.

Last chance for the Bulldogs, Goodman to Steve Sawyer who makes the shot....but it's just after the buzzer. Oh what a tough loss for Summer Creek, but Atascocita advance to state with the 52-51 win and they will face Austin Westlake in the state semifinal."