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FB Elkins vs FB Ridge Point - Game of the Week

"Elkins only district loss was to this Ridge Point team so Revenge was on their mind.

The Knights get things started with defense. Shane Bell with the steal to Jacolbi Harris up ahead to sophomore Chris Johnson for the jam! Good defense setting up good offense.

Then Off the Knights missed 3, Joshua Fanuiel the follow jam. Elkins up 8 after 1.

Ridge Point battles back as Senior Caleb Hill drives & floats it high off the window, nice work by the Panthers point guard.

Elkins Shane Bell another steal to Jackson Fields to Fanuiel back to Fields & the Knights take a 10 pt lead to the half

We move to the 3rd Quarter now and Elkins keeps their foot on the gas.... Bell pokes the loose ball ahead to Fanuiel for the breakaway jam, nice night for the big man!

Panthers trying to get back into it. Wilson Batiste finds himself open underneath for an easy score to keep things close.

But Elkins showing great execution in the half court wouldn't give up the lead in the 3rd. Fields for 3 & the Knights are up 14

Elkins putting it away in the 4th. On the break it's Bell to Ryan Jones with the hoop and the harm, Elkins leads it from start to finish. 59-45 the final"