Spring DeKaney at Klein Oak - 2022 Week 1 Houston High School Football Highlights

Klein Oak and Spring DeKaney played a doozy at Klein Memorial Friday night

Up 7-0, Panther quarterback Martin Osorio dumps it in the flats to Thomas Payne and watch Payne get just inside the pilon to put Klein Oak up 14-0.

Later, Klein Oak's Lucas Sheerhorn behind center....he takes it right, then leads the defense all the way to his left and that's where all the space is. Scheerhorn gets it to the end zone and the Panthers are now up 21-0.

Dekaney's Brandon Joseph goes up top to big time receiver Jonah Wilson and the UT commit goes up and gets it. 21-6

Down 24-19, Joseph keeps it himself, makes a couple guys miss and scores from the 5. Missed 2 point conversion puts DeKaney up 25-24.

1:35 to go and Panthers driving. Sheerhorn flings it to the back of the end zone and Kaleb Black comes down with it. Klein Oak wins the thriller 32-25.