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Sealy vs China Spring - 2020 Week 14Highlights

The Sealy Tigers taking on China Spring in the 3rd round of the playoffs

China Spring's Major Bowden would get two quick scores for the Cougars on quarterback keepers. This one from 18 yards out and they led 14-0 in the 2nd

Sealy would get on the board when quarterback D'Vonne Hmielewski (Him-uh-loo-ski) runs play action and finds Jakobe Davis in the end zone. Tigers cut the lead to 14-6.

Bowden was a problem for Sealy all day, but here Jackson Osborne stuffs him in the backfield.

But they couldn't really contain the China Spring Q-B. Here Bowden maneuvers his way 52 yards for his 4th touchdown of the game. Sealy's season comes to an end as China Spring wins it 31-13.