Richmond Randle at Pasadena Memorial - 2022 Week 1 Houston High School Football Highlights

Richmond Randle and head coach, Brian Randle, with their first ever varsity game Thursday vs. Pasadena Memorial.

Memorial gets on the board first with this short touchdown run by Jaylon Bell. 7-0 Mavericks

But here it is.....the first ever Lions touchdown play....Leo Garza passes to Jackson Montelongo who runs down the sidelines and dives into the end zone. Keep that ball, son....that's history.

Second quarter, and Garza is putting the Randle aerial attack on display. That's a deep ball to Jayden Osborne and he's all alone for the score. 13-7 Lions.

4th quarter, more of the same, Garza going deep this time to Marc St. Ford. This team is going to be fun to watch and they come away with program win #1....a 53-17 victory over Memorial.