Pasadena Memorial at Brazoswood - 2020 Week 8 Highlights

Brazoswood hosting Pasadena Memorial in the rare Wednesday night game.

1st Q... Mavs at the 17... QB Luke Giron (Jah-ron) sees an opening up the middle but when he gets to the 2 the ball is stripped & comes out. However Malacai Martinez pounces on it in the endzone. 7-0 Mavs

In the second quarter, the Bucs tie it up on the halfback option. That's running back Cameron Whipple with the pass to a wide open Coby Soliz (So-lease) down the field. 30 yd Touchdown and we're tied at 7.

But in the 4th, Pasadena Memorial takes charge. Up 7, Giron comes up with a sweet move at the line of scrimmage and another at the goal line. Fantastic run! Mavs win -- 31-10 the final